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From Dr. Nick:

"I am both a Naturopathic Physician and Doctor of Chiropractic. In 1973 I was in a very severe motorcycle accident that changed my view on health completely and started me on the road to natural health. Next thing I knew I was enrolled at John Bastyr Naturopathic College, where I found myself magnetized to treat the body's structure, the Musculoskeletal System. After I graduated in 1984, I enrolled at Cleveland Chiropractic College, where I graduated in 1990, cum laude.

In my practice I use a very powerful and avant garde diagnostic and treatment system, called Applied Kinesiology. What Applied Kinesiology allows me to do is go from taking the history of the patient and uses the standard Western Medicine diagnostic techniques, to allowing me to talk with the body and find out precisely what is wrong with the body.

Furthermore, with Applied Kinesiology, I am able to determine precisely what supplements, exercises and other treatments you need. Instead of doing "shotgun" therapy, where you walk out with 10 different supplements, hoping that one of them will work, I am able to determine exactly what supplements you need and have certainty that when you leave, they will help you. I am an Applied Kinesiologist and am a current member of Professional Applied Kinesiology (PAK)

With over twenty years of professional practice, I have designed my Naturopathic Muscle and Joint Clinic to serve individuals who want to resolve their muscle and joint issues naturally."




Everday Issues Solved:

Improving Sports Performance

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Pain When Standing

Poor concentration


Back Pain

Neck Pain


Chronic Joint Pains

Knee Problems / Injuries

Shoulder Problems / Injuries

Repetitive Stress Syndromes

Improving Mental Concentration

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